A Better Cleveland for All:
A Progressive PAC in Cleveland

A Better Cleveland for All Annual Fundraiser

Thursday, December 7th | 5pm to 7pm | Forest City Brewery

Join us as we begin to focus on the 2025 Cleveland City Council races.
Suggested donation for the fundraiser is $50, but all are welcome!
Snacks, Pizza, and Cash Bar

A Better Cleveland for All

A Progressive Political Action Committee in Cleveland

A Better Cleveland for All is a political action committee (PAC) organized by Cleveland residents who are members of the Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus (CCPC). We believe our current city government lacks the leadership and vision to address the issues it faces. We work to foster public discussion of key issues in our city and to elect progressive candidates to Cleveland City Council.

Fundraising by people, not special interests

At A Better Cleveland for All, we believe political campaigns should be publicly financed to reduce the influence of big money in politics. Until that happens, however, a grassroots PAC like ours can help level the playing field against the unfair influence of wealthy corporate interests.

We follow these guidelines for equitable, democratic fundraising:
• We don’t accept donations from corporations or corporate PACs.
• We don’t accept donations from business owners who have an obvious stake in city policy or contracts.
• We don’t accept donations over $1,000 per year.

We welcome small donations from individuals who support progressive change in Cleveland!

How can you help build a more progressive Cleveland?

We have a strong, volunteer committee of Cleveland residents to guide this effort and are seeking other residents to join the work. Most of all, we need financial support. Small dollar donations by residents all across our city can collectively make a huge difference in a City Council campaign and help level the playing field for candidates challenging incumbents or vying for open seats. Your contribution will support progressive candidates who will transform our city and make Cleveland a better place for all. To join us in these efforts, email us at [email protected].

Our 4-Step Process
for Political Change

Promote a discussion of a progressive agenda for our city. Beginning in August 2020, we held a number of public forums to get community input on issues we will support in the coming election. These forums focused on issues ranging from progressive economic development to public safety and the nuts and bolts of how to run for office.

Identify and encourage new progressive candidates for Mayor and City Council to step forward. We already have identified 10-12 progressive candidates. Learn more about our endorsed candidates here.

Support candidates with technical support and early seed money for their campaigns. We have begun to provide technical assistance to several candidates, and in early 2021, we plan workshops on how to run successful campaigns.

Make endorsement decisions to provide greater support to candidates running strong, progressive campaigns. Support will include additional funds and volunteer campaign assistance by CCPC activists.